FRIDAY, 10 APRIL – SINGING – slowing down

In the book of the Acts of the Apostles, singing is mentioned as one of the practices of the early church. So many folks say they aren’t singers, but they still ‘make a joyful noise’. There are many hymns within the 66 books of Scripture – of course the book of Psalms, but Bible historians believe that several passages in Paul’s letters are the lyrics to hymns of the
new church (for instance, Philippians 2: 6-11).

What are some of your favorite songs to sing in worship? Classical pieces? Ira Sankey and Fanny Crosby evangelical pieces? Contemporary works? Meditative melodies from Iona? Most are written to be sung in groups, and right now we can’t always do that. But we can still sing.

Slow down. Start with some song that brings you comfort or joy. Really pay attention to what you are singing; listen to the words. Perhaps move out of your comfort zone and find other genres to let speak to your heart. Maybe search for them on itunes? Ask other friends for suggestions?