THURSDAY, 9 APRIL – COMMUNION – slowing down

Disciples of Christ are big fans of communion, so much so that we took the symbol of the chalice as our image. For us, the table is always available to everyone. It is not our table; it is the table of the Lord. It is not up to us to decide who gets to be fed and who does not. It is not up to us to try to be worthy enough; we can never be worthy enough but the one who
invites us is worthy enough and that covers the matter.

Some folks say they ‘receive’ communion; some folks say they ‘take’ communion. Some folks call it the ‘Lord’s supper’; some folks call it ‘eucharist’. Words have meaning. But the most important word in communion is the Word Made Flesh – in the gospel we call John, Jesus is called the Word made Flesh, and it is almost beyond human comprehension to understand that. But we have this ritual, this wonderful tangible act, that allows us to physically enact what our souls need to survive: to take the Word made flesh to nurture us.

Slow down. Next time you have a glass or cup in your hand,
remember the Word. Next time you eat a piece of toast or a biscuit,
remember the Word. And say ‘thank you’.