TUESDAY, 7 APRIL – BAPTISM – slowing down

Do you remember your baptism? Were you sprinkled, or dipped, or immersed? Were you baptized as an infant and later confirmed, or did you practice believer’s baptism? In our denomination we usually celebrate believer’s baptism, but for us the issue isn’t the amount of water as much as the state of the relationship. When receiving a new member into a congregation, I ask ‘are you satisfied with your baptism?’. If the member says they are, that’s good enough for me.

My dear friend is a spiritual director – her name is Susan Brown (mildlymystical.com). She says that believer’s baptism is a visible sign of acknowledging God’s grace consciously. When we were baptized, we recognized something that was already true. For most of us, that included a public profession of faith; we said out loud what we felt in our hearts. On this Tuesday of Holy Week, slow down. Remember what declaring that love and trust felt like. Remember that we responded as an individual to the depth of God’s grace. Be still today, and rest and renew in that grace.