MONDAY, 6 APRIL – PRAYER – slowing down

We begin this Holy Week still in a mode of physical distancing. For
many of us, this has been a time of frustration or discomfort. For others, it
has been a time of intense work and fatigue. For still others, it has been an
opportunity to grow and learn.

Today, we spend a little time thinking about prayer. Have you prayed
much this week? God’s shoulders are large and God’s heart is love itself –
so whether you have cried or yelled or been grateful or asked ‘why’ a
hundred times, God has heard and continues to love us.

On this Monday of Holy Week, let us remember the words of Mother
Teresa: God speaks in the silence of our hearts. Listening is the
beginning of prayer.
Slow Down. Spend time today in quiet prayer and
meditation. Spend time listening and paying attention to what God is saying
to you.

The three best prayers: “Help”. Thanks”. “Wow”. -Anne LaMott