The Basics

At Home Faith Formation: Your Ideas

Here are some of the ideas you've shared. If your family has other things that you practice (daily, weekly, annually, etc.) - and you're willing to share them - please email Bry Carkin at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so she can include them here. Thank you.

On Sundays, one family shares a small piece of bread and grape juice after sharing a prayer together.

  • One family holds hands when praying so that they are joined as a family in prayer.
  • During meal time prayer, a family has each person say something they are thankful for that day, and also if there is something they want to pray about for themselves or someone else. (Which can then be a good conversation starter for during the meal).
  • When in the car, if a family hears or sees an ambulance or wreck, they pray for the people involved.
  • As a family every now and then gather around the dinner table with the lights dim. Light a candle and give it to a family member to hold. While the family member is holding the candle have the other family members honor that person. Tell how they impact the family, others' lives, good traits etc... just a free flow of talking from the heart. After each person "honors" the individual, pass the candle to the next person until everyone around the table has been honored. You'd be surprised what siblings say about each other. It is a great experience. Very uplifting and encouraging.


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