The Basics

Using Social Media to Strengthen Family Bonds

This week's "At Home Faith Formation" comes from an article that was written a couple of years ago for the Fuller Youth Institute (which is a great resource by the way). I will just highlight a few points below. For the full article, read Using Social Media to Strengthen Family Bonds. 

  1. Texters Feel Closer: Among participants in a survey on texting, most parents who text with their kids report texting helps them feel closer to one another, and more than half of those teens report the same thing.
  2. Families Who Play Together: Using the internet to communicate or play online games with family and friends increases social capital (the strength of human connections that contributes to a personal sense of well-being). The benefit seems to lie in doing something together, even if the activity itself seems somewhat pointless to you.
  3. Teens Need Our Support: Adolescents use social media to get advice and support from adults they know, respect and who are willing to engage online with them. Because the majority of digital conversations focus on experiences of everyday life, it is inherently personal. In large part because of this, teens view their digital connections as lifelines to their support structure.
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