The Basics

Ideas for Travel

  • Listen to inspiring music for all ages or inspiring podcasts.
  • Ask each other questions.
  • Read from a downloaded devotional app on your smartphone or tablet. If you're not the one driving!
  • Sing songs together, play car games together or listen to and discuss a novel together.
  • Pray for ambulance drivers, police officers and people and places that you’re driving past.
  • Keep a cross or a battery-operated candle on the dashboard as a reminder that Christ is present.
  • Discuss the pastor’s sermon or a spiritual insight from worship or a learning experience, letting thoughts and questions remain open and lively (maintaining an attitude of non-judgment).
  • As a family, talk about and make future plans such as family service events and what ministries or charitable causes you might want to collectively support.
  • Create a family trip journal and photo album when taking family getaways.


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