The Basics

Ideas for Getting Through the Day

  • Share in a simple breath, faith affirmation, body prayer (a gesture of faith such as the sign of the Cross) as a reminder of God’s presence and love in each of our lives.
  • Preceded by a few moments of silence, share a finger labyrinththumb ball, prayer beads or prayer stones with each other along with a few spoken intercessions.
  • Read a short scripture passage three times with brief pauses for breath prayer in between each reading as a way to be centered in Christ and the wisdom of God in your body, mind and spirit.
  • Read a Bible story together using a storybook Bible (I have some that I bought and never gave out, since we changed curriculum... if you'd like one, let me know on a Sunday morning!).
  • Offer a prayer for someone you encountered during the day or from the previous day.
  • Have each person share the best, worst and funniest moment of the day.


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